• Whatcom County Catastrophic Flooding

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Whatcom County

Here is how YOU can help.

Whatcom County Recently experienced a catastrophic flooding event November 12th-15th, 2021, leaving in it's wake unimaginable loss and devastation to the community.

Many left homeless and without resources for basic needs and livelihood.

Any amount of donation you are able to give will help aid the victims to receive what they need for sustainability, navigating restoration, and recovery. 

Every Little Bit Helps

This is Your Opportunity to Make A Difference

Words can not express the humble gratefulness of the effected flood victims. 


Thank you for taking the time to even consider helping. 

This simply can not be done without you. 

Whatcom County Flood Donors

Thank you for the love & compassion that you & your wonderful family have shown to our community. Our world is missing so much in these troubled times. People like you make all the difference. Your donations are invaluable, incredibly appreciated, & you are an inspiration to me & so many other people. - JESSICA HOLT